Telephone Contacts

North American Recovery's collectors receive extensive training on telephone techniques and methods. As professional debt collectors, they understand the importance of complying with all state and federal laws. We conduct all of our telephone communication in a professional manner and adhere to the highest ethical standards. We record all telephone calls, both inbound and outbound.

We cannot emphasize strongly enough that we approach your consumers with an open mind and give them the opportunity to pay their account. We never approach them in an adversarial way. If the consumer indicates a willingness to pay his or her account, our collector advises the consumer of the situation and the possible repercussions of non-payment. At this point, the collector offers to assist the consumer in resolving the problem by suggesting ways in which the consumer can repay the debt while pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of each option. This approach conveys to your consumer that we truly want to give him or her the opportunity to pay the account before legal action is required. Additionally, this approach enables our collectors to respond to a consumer's objections to paying the bill.

The collectors at North American Recovery instruct consumers on how to contact their insurance company to resolve all possible insurance-billing issues. We inform them of their responsibility and help them understand that their action will give them answers from their insurance carrier and often help resolve any outstanding issues so that payment can be made.

By approaching the consumer with respect and clearly explaining all the options for payment and ramifications of non-payment, North American Recovery's firm, professional approach is far more likely to secure payment than the abrasive, hard-line approach employed by many agencies. We teach our collectors to approach each consumer professionally, to treat him or her with dignity, while never losing sight of the purpose of the call: payment of the balance in full.