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Client Reviews

"I get a lot of calls from other collection agencies and even some from previous employees who now work for collection angencies, and I just tell them no! I have no desire or need to chagne because NAR is doing great for us."

Kensie, Billing Manager, Medical Clinic
Client Since: 2017

"Our corporate attorney told us that one of our accounts for more than $17,000 was uncollectable and we should write it off and give up on it. We didn't want to do that, so we turned it over to North American Recovery instead. We were extremely impressed when we got a call from our representative at NAR, telling us their attorneys had set the consumer up on a payment plan and the account will eventually be paid in full."

Chris D., Credit Union Collection Manager
Client Since: 2011

"You do a great job for us and we're very happy."

Debbie, Credit Union Collection Manager
Client Since: 2000

"The relationship with NAR has been a very good one. I really enjoy working with you and it's been very positive."

Lori, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 2005

"We all really enjoy working with NAR. Lea is great to work with and responds to our emails quickly. And I appreciate the good customer service you give us. It's good to have a rep that is always concerned with making things run more smoothly."

Daleya, Medical Billing Company Manager
Client Since: 2009

"NAR has collected more for us than our other agency ever did. I love working with NAR."

Joanna, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 2008

"I have been in the industry for quite some time, and I have never had a collection agency as successful with recovery as NAR. I have no complaints."

Patty, Apartment Complex Manager
Client Since: 2003

"I am extremely happy with NAR. We never received a check from our old collection agency. We appreciate your service very much."

Lori, Chiropractic Office Accounts Manager
Client Since: 2008

"We've always been surprised who NAR has been able to collect from. Some of the accounts we thought were lost causes. And the checks are always more than we expect."

Danny, Printing Company Owner
Client Since: 2002

"Since we switched to NAR for collections, our bad-debt ratio has dropped! We get checks from NAR every month. We are very happy with North American Recovery."

Steve, Ambulance Company
Client Since: August 2007

"We've had several borrowers come in to tell us how great the collectors at NAR were to work with. They didn't call and scream at them for not paying their bill. Instead they helped each borrower find some options to help them get their debt paid."

Shara, Credit Union Collection Manager
Client Since: 2004

"I have been using North American Recovery (NAR) for years. I know the owner, Dave Saxton, personally. They always answer their phone; they are very responsive. They are also very careful to collect within the law. When I was practicing law, I had to deal with many collection agencies for violating bankruptcy law and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I never had cause to bring an action against them. With the volume they do and being a local company, that is remarkable. I would never use another company."

Kevin Whatcott, JD, CSA, Homewatch Care Givers, Owner/Operator
Client since 1993

"I told my secretary a long time ago to direct any other collection agencies out the door when they come trying to get our business. North American Recovery is doing an excellent job."

David S., Dentist
Client Since: November 1993

Within 30 days of signing up with our agency, this client made the following comment:

"I am already very impressed with the professionalism of your company and look forward to working with you."

Mark, Accounting Director, City Municipality
Client Since: May 2008

"I have used other collection agencies in the past, but I like NAR the best because they take things more seriously than the other agencies did. I'm very pleased with North American Recovery!!"

Sandy, Account Manager, Ambulance Company
Client Since: October 2007

"I am very pleased with NAR. We have been getting great feedback from patients who were turned over to collections, saying how good they are to work with."

Jennifer, Executive Director, Community Health Center
Client Since: 2007

"We are impressed so far with the communication we receive from NAR. We also appreciated the phone call thanking us for sending new business. The communication was never this good with the other agency we were using."

Heidi, Dental Practice Manager
Client Since: 9/2012

"We were comparing NAR to another agency. NAR ranked as #1. We are getting rid of our other agency and going with North American Recovery."

Pam, Billing Manager, Medical Clinic
Client Since: 2007

"Mia, in the Client Service Department, is the friendliest person that I talk to all day long. She is so good on the phone and always has a quick response to my questions. She makes NAR one of my favorite vendors."

Tammy, Billing and Collections Manager, Stroke Center Office
Client Since: 2003

"We are officially firing all our other agencies and using only NAR! We have been very impressed with them, especially with the honesty we have received from the owner of the company when we met with him. We really appreciated that."

Tyler, Credit Union Collection Department Manager
Client Since: 2007

"I like working with NAR because they never give up. The accounts I sent over to them all went to their attorney, and although it is taking some time, I know they are working hard to get them collected. I don't worry about our accounts once we have sent them to NAR."

Michael, Vice President, AWA, Inc.
Client Since: 2007

"When I took over the manager position, we had been using one of NAR's competitors, and we never saw anything from them. I noticed checks coming in from North American Recovery all the time, even though we hadn't assigned to them in over a year. I decided to give all our business to NAR, and I haven't been disappointed."

Rob, Regional Property Manager
Client Since: November 2002

"We are very, very impressed with NAR. We had used a few other agencies and have not had the professionalism like we have with you. We trust you and love that your calls are recorded. We do not receive complaints from the people we have sent to you like we had with other agencies."

Susan, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: September 2006

"A representative from Bonneville came to our office, and I turned him down because I love NAR. They know their stuff!"

Dr. Holt, Holt Dental Care
Client Since: 2007

"I have used many collection companies in the 13 years I have worked with Dr. Wiest. I went to an insurance seminar a few years ago, and I was so impressed with you that I came right back and asked Dr. Wiest if we could switch to you. He said yes. I got in touch with your office, and we have been with you ever since. I recommend you to everyone and was tickled when I read 'D Clyde Screen & Glam Co' in your July letter. You are all great!! I so appreciate your help."

Kay, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 2001

"Your staff has always been friendly, helpful, and ready to take care of any issues or concerns right away. I have been very pleased with NAR. I've had a few collection agencies before NAR was introduced to the office, and you put the other agencies to shame. Keep up the great work."

Lori, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 2002

"Another agency came in and offered us a lower rate; we tried them, and that was the biggest mistake we ever made. They may have offered a lower rate, but their customer service was awful. North American Recovery is our agency."

Rhiana, Apartment Complex Manager
Client Since: September 2003

"We sent some accounts to three agencies: NAR and two others. NAR was the only agency that sent us a check. We are very happy with our choice to use only one agency."

Roberta, Credit Union Collection Manager
Client Since: March 2005

"Other collection agencies come in here all the time trying to get our business. We are so loyal to NAR. We just love you guys. I throw other sales men out every time they come in here and even tell them that we are loyal to NAR. I'm surprised one of them even shows his face in here anymore because I was so rude to him the last time he was here. I've been here 20 years, and I know how the collections process is supposed to work, and you guys do a great job at what you do!"

Lisa P. Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 1999

"I used your agency while working for another office over seven years ago. Seven years later, and I still remember how great your agency is. You guys are seriously the best!"

Debbie, Office Manager
Client Since: June 2012

"I am so happy with NAR. Last Christmas Troy came in and helped our new business manager with our own internal collections process, and it made a big difference."

Sherrie, Billing Manager, Ear Nose & Throat
Client Since: 2011

"I am extremely thrilled with the way your collector handled our patient who has a very complicated and difficult history with our office. He was professional, yet firm, and as a result, we received payment in full and repaired our relationship with the patient and his family."

Rebecca, Office Manager, Pediatric Dentistry Office
Client Since: 2000

"Another collection agency came into our office. I gave them a try and was not at all impressed. I am very happy with the customer service and overall collections at North American Recovery, and I will never do that again."

Elaine, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: June 2001

"I am so pleased with the way North American Recovery has treated us. We have really appreciated the great care and attention they place on collecting our accounts."

Lorraine, Manager, Disaster Services Industry
Client Since: March 2000

"We have used several other collection agencies in the past, most recently another company that North American Recovery purchased. Since making the switch North American Recovery, we have been more pleased than we ever have, and it left us wondering why we didn't make the switch sooner."

Bonnie, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: May 2010

"I can always get through to someone at NAR and get an immediate response. Whenever I call, my requests are taken seriously and immediate action is taken, which makes me feel that my business is important. NAR's response time to my accounts has led directly to increased recovery rates."

Lisa, Apartment Manager, Property Management Company
Client Since: 2012

"Best DARN collection agency on the planet!! Hands Down!"

Esme, Billing, Community Health Center
Client Since: 2003

"I often wonder if being so happy and personable towards your clients is a requirement to work at NAR. We have been so impressed with the way we are greeted and responded to that we have taken the client service example set by NAR and even implemented these qualities into our own practice with our own employees. Outstanding Work!"

Maxcine, Billing Manager, Community Health Center
Client Since: 2003

“I am a Client of North American Recovery who has the opportunity to interact with your Legal Action Coordinator outside of work. We happen to belong to some of the same organizations and travel in many of the same social circles as a result. I’m impressed with the way she represents your company while not “on the clock “. She always has a positive attitude towards the company and always portrays the professional image that I have come to know while working with NAR. She even maintains her friendly, helpful attitude when I ask her a work-related question outside of the office. Keep up the good work and the good people you hire!”

Craig, Billing Manager, Group of Orthopedic Specialists
Client Since: 2009

“I am so impressed at the way my call was handled by NAR’s Client Service Department. I was attempting to reach a specific Client Service Representative who I had already been working with on some very specific questions. This person was away from their desk at the moment and the call was answered by another employee who let me know he was also a member of the Client Service Team, and despite the absence of my contact person, he assured me that he was ready and willing to help. In fact, he thoroughly INSISTED on helping me! As a result, my questions were handled efficiently and answered with the expertise and knowledge I needed. I have never experienced this level of service in a collection agency before.”

Glen, Property Owner & Manager
Client Since: 2009

"We are a family owned business operating two busy locations. We all have to handle a variety of responsibilities on a day-to-day basis and don't have a lot of time to worry about collections. We just send them in to NAR; they take it from there, and we don't have to worry. We were most recently impressed by the way a collector handled another family we were forced to send to collections. The collector treated our customer with respect and helped them resolve the debt they owed to us. The customer was pleased and reported their good experience to us. We were told he even called the collector back and wished her a Merry Christmas and thanked her for helping him work things out."

Lindsay, Karate Studio Manager
Client Since: 1999

“We are very happy working with NAR. The service and support we receive is outstanding. NAR keeps us informed on all of our accounts, and the results we have received in collections is far superior than we have ever experienced.”

Becca, Eye Care Center Billing & Collections Manager
Client Since: 2013

"You keep bringing me checks for accounts I sent back in 2009, and I've been really impressed! My other collection agency only gets results on 'new' accounts."

Janae, Dental Office Manager
Client From: 2002-2009

“I use my status reports to keep updated about what's going on in my accounts. I was so pleased to see that accounts we had talked about were making new and productive progress! I am excited to see what will happen on these accounts in the months to come!”

Diane, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 1994

"We recently decided to give another collection agency a try. That was a big mistake; why try and fix something that ins't broke? NAR understands the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. We have never received any complaints from our patients about how they were treated by NAR, but as soon as we tried another agency, we got complaint after complaint. We learned our lesson and will never try anyone else again."

Letty, Medical Billing Company Owner
Client Since: 2004

"I am always so grateful fo the quick and efficient answers that I receive from the office when I call with questions on my accounts."

Tricia, Medical Billing
Client Since: 1984

"I am so glad that you were able to start collecting from this person. We had done everything we could think of in our office and were sure that we would never get a payment from them. I appreciate your office's efforts in helping us collect our accounts."

Medical Billing Professional
Client Since: 1995

"I am so grateful for the work that your office puts into our accounts. I know that some of them are hard to find and collect from. I am never afraid to call your office to ask about an account. I want to understand all that NAR has done on an account to collect it. I know there have been some very old accounts at your office from about 1998, but I still wonder what has happened on these accounts as the materials are so important to the library. People tend to think that the library will not care if you pay or return your book, but we do. We are willing to work with patrons, but they need to be accountable for the materials. "

Suellen, Weber County Library

"I am so impressed with the level of attention and follow-through I get from your company."

Karen, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 2006

"I have been with NAR for many years, and I have always been happy with the return I receive from your company. I also appreciate how easy you are to work with. If I ever have a concern on an account, you have always been quick to respond and resolve it."

Shirley, Dental Office Billing Manager
Client Since: 1997

"You guys really know how to work an account. This meeting has been very informative, and we will be using NAR for all of our collections."

Lynette, New Property Manager

"I love the work you guys put into our accounts. I love that you keep us informed on each step you are taking. I know we are new with you, and it takes some time to get the returns, but the work you have done has been very impressive. Thank you, NAR, for taking care of us."

Debbie, Business Manager for Media Group
Client Since: 2012

"Thank you for listening to us and making changes and concessions as needed. We love everything you do for us. Keep up the great work."

Nickie, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 2007

"Your staff is always easy to work with. We appreciate all that you do for us. I would be happy to be a reference for any new clients of yours that want to know what a great job everyone there does for us."

Kelly, Large Property Management Firm
Client Since: 2009

"I love working with NAR. Your communication is so great. Being able to read the progress on accounts and the quick responses from the office staff makes working with you so easy."

Joni, Medical Office Billing Coordinator

"I cannot believe that your office found this patient. He had pretty much disappeared, and he paid the account in full to your collector. That is awesome!"

Camille, Dental Office Manager

"A rep from another collection agency came in the other day. We told him that we are not considering sending them accounts anytime soon. We had given them a chance with a few accounts a while back, and their recovery just did not compare to yours! The doctors here also appreciate the monthly status reports as a great way to always be informed about what's going on with our accounts."

Leisa, Dental Office Manager

"Wow! This is more than I have received from ANY agency . . . and so soon after being with NAR. I mean, the service, the reporting, AND getting money for us."

Leslie, Billing Manager at Chiropractic Clinic

"I told the doctors we are not switching, that your company has given us more money in the last three years than any other agency."

Shar, Animal Clinic Contact

"You guys are the best! I love using NAR over the other agencies we've used in the past. You make it so easy for me to upload and view accounts, and the notes you keep are so detailed, I always know what's going on with my accounts."

Karin, Property Manager
Client Since: 2013

"We were very skeptical to send any accounts to collections, but we have been thrilled to work with NAR. Your staff are great to work with, and you treat our patients with the greatest respect. Thank you for taking such good care of all of us."

Hannah, Billing Manager at Chiropractic Clinic

"You guys are all such a pleasure to work with. We never have a complaint or have to worry about how you take care of our business. Thank you for all you do for us."

Kellie, Manager at a Plumbing Service Company

"You guys are great to work with. You make it easy for us to get accounts to you, you're always available to answer questions, and your online access to view accounts is priceless. And, oh, by the way, it's really nice to get checks regularly, too!"

Dorian, Billing Manager for a large Oral Surgery Practice

"NAR has collected more money for us than any agency we have ever used. We are grateful for all the help we receive to better understand what is needed for successful collection of our accounts."

Devi, Practice Manager for Regional Audiology Group

"You guys are awesome!! We couldn't be happier. Your communication is fantastic!! I know I can send an email or make a phone call, and everything gets taken care of. Your results are fantastic as well!!"

Caroline, Medical Office Manager
Client Since: 2010

"Please tell your collectors thank you. We know that it can be very hard to collect these accounts. We know that the doctors are happy to get the money, but we are just happy to have the account settled and out of our office. Your collectors do wonderful work!"

Boyd, Medical Billing Company Owner
Client Since: 2010

"I love working with your company! You make everything so easy. Getting accounts to your office is working by uploading them. I loved using your collections at my former office and am glad we are using you here."

Lori, Dental Office Contact
Client Since: 2013

"I send you guys accounts because you are the best. I've worked with collections for 30 years, and you and your collectors are the best! Your collectors are the most professional and treat our patients with the utmost respect."

Corinne, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 1997

"A rep from another collection agency stopped in to say 'Hello!' I thanked him for stopping in, but that we are already taken care of!"

Ashley, Dental Office Contact
Client Since: 2013

"You are doing a great job. You know how I know? My patients are coming into my office trying to pay!"

Shar, Animal Hospital Contact
Client Since: 2004

"We are extremely happy and very impressed with your services."

Chelsey, Dental Office Contact
Client Since: 2014

"NAR is fantastic!!"

Kaye, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 2008

"You guys are great! I have people knocking on my door all the time wanting our business, but you guys have NO COMPETITION!!"

Shara, Credit Union Contact
Client Since: 2004

"We just love NAR. We have Bonneville coming in here all the time, and I just tell them and everyone else that we will not budge. We love NAR. We love the reporting that we get."

Becky, Dental Office Accounts Manager
Client Since: 2003

"We have been with NAR for only two months, and we love the reporting they provide. They are doing so great that we are going to stop using our current agency and start sending ALL of our accounts to NAR!"

Christie, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 2014

"Your employees are always kind and helpful, and your collectors are awesome!! We are so grateful for their work and the money that they are able to recover for our practice."

Kim, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 2007

"We love NAR! Samantha is amazing to work with."

Tracey, Veterinary Clinic Contact
Client Since: 2010

"It is always a pleasure to work with NAR! I love doing business with them. They do a great job of collecting for us."

Trevor, Property Management Landlord/Manager
Client Since: 2010

"You guys are GREAT!! I get a lot of collection agencies coming in wanting our business, and I tell them I love working with NAR, so no compIaints here!!"

MaryAnn, City Utilities Office Manager
Client Since: 2003

"Could you please tell all the other agencies to stop coming here trying to get my business? We are so happy with NAR and have no reason to leave!!"

Kristin, Podiatrist Office Manager
Client Since: 2010

"I am really impressed with your service and love the reports you give us!"

Bryce, Property Management Contact
Client Since: 2015

"I love the feedback we get on our accounts! It's really important in my job to know what is going on with the accounts because our owners constantly want to know what the status of the account is. I love that I can look it up online and let my owner know what is going on. We NEVER got that with our other agency. We also never got money from our other agency, and we are seeing money from you guys!!"

Christal, Property Management Contact
Client Since: 2014

"I have tried four other agencies in the past and I can't believe the results you're getting and so soon. I'm speechless!"

Joelle, Property Management Contact
Client Since: 2015

"You guys are the best. I tell everyone to use you. You take the time to understand our business and you just take care of everything for me. You don't ask me silly questions and waste my time. You ask intelligent questions. The gal here before me used another agency and everything with them is just a mess. You guys are great."

Renae, Local Youth Counseling Business
Client since 2004

"You do such a great job. By far, you are the best collection agency I've worked with! Your collectors are such professionals and they do a great job for me. Tell everyone there thank you for the good job."

Judy, Dental Office Manager
Client Since: 2007

"I like the feel I get with North American Recovery. I know that I can call you guys to come pick up my files, or fax them, or even go onto the website and upload my accounts. With other agencies I wouldn't even know where to start if I needed to get in touch with them."

Kristin, Apartment Property Manager
Client Since: 2004

As indicated in our client reviews above, our clients truly feel that our entire recovery solution is outstanding. From our client service, to our ability to reduce complaints while simultaneously increasing recoveries, to just plain being the best agency they've ever used; they really like working with us! They feel this way because we always focus on their needs. We believe that, as one of our clients, you will truly enjoy doing business with us on a day-to-day basis as well.