Quality Assurance & Superior Service

Quality assurance and superior service are integral characteristics of our company. From the owner of the company through every department of our organization, quality, excellence, and superior client service are simply the way we do things.

Our quality assurance program is effective because of the commitment of our management. Their strong personal commitment to high quality ensures that we are always maintaining tight quality control on all levels. Our quality control checkpoints and daily auditing of accounts work because of the commitment from every member of the North American Recovery team.

North American Recovery has practiced tight quality control systems since our inception, and they have been a major factor in supporting our organization's sustained growth. Our clients will attest that the effect of our commitment to quality is probably best seen in both our performance and our long-term quality client partnerships.

How do we go about ensuring that we always maintain the highest levels of quality? By diligently executing the quality control systems we have for every job in every department of our company. We have established and maintained these quality control systems because, quite simply, we do not allow for anything but the highest level of work. We have found it is less expensive to do things right the first time, and this is a core element of our corporate culture. The many specific quality control checks currently in place are a standard adjunct to any NORTH AMERICAN RECOVERY services contract. Additional quality control procedures can be established, depending upon your current and ongoing needs and requirements. We actively solicit new ideas from our clients and encourage interaction and feedback, which we consider essential for any agency to maintain superlative service.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of quality control starts in what might be a surprising place: the meetings we have with you before we ever start working for you. As we have already outlined, we truly believe in designing a recovery program based on your needs, your goals, and your specific wants and expectations. Before we ever receive the first account, we will discover exactly what you want in every area of our service and clearly identify the key elements on which our relationship will be built. Things like your performance goals, your policies and procedures, your needs and requirements, how you would like to see your current agency relationships improved, and what North American Recovery would need to provide to you that would justify utilizing our services. Once this has happened and we start working together, our quality control measures will ensure that we are meeting (and hopefully exceeding) your expectations.