Employee Reviews

We’ve been fortunate over the years to have had many great people as part of our team. Our current staff is no exception. Several of our past and present employees have said some very nice things about our organization and management during their time with us. We thought you’d like to read these, so we've included them below.

It’s great to be part of an organization where EVERYONE, from top to bottom, is respected and treated well. Thank you to those employees who shared a review. 


“North American Recovery is by-far the most amazing company I have ever worked for. The people I work with are great! The management team is awesome and will help you with whatever obstacles you may come across. Dave Saxton truly cares for his employees and is very understanding when unexpected things in life may arise. I am looking forward to working here for many years to come!!! 2 thumbs up!”

- Monica G., Collector


“My job at North American Recovery has been by far the BEST job I have ever had. I have grown as a person from being part of such a professional, friendly, and positive environment. Management does everything needed—and more—to make sure we have all the tools we need to do our jobs. Dave and the entire management team are really helpful, and they truly care about every single employee. It is a great feeling coming to work every day and loving the job I do. I am SO thankful to have the wonderful opportunity to join this company, and I’m  looking forward to being here for many more years to come!! 

- Christina S., Collector


"North American Recovery is truly the best company I have ever worked for. I have never worked for a company where the entire staff took such pride in their work, until now. Working for North American Recovery has inspired me to do the absolute best job that I can do and to go above and beyond my regular daily work tasks."

- Jessica A., Collection Trainer/Supervisor


"North American Recovery is the best collection agency I have ever worked for. I've been in the collection industry for 9 years, and I have never been as educated and challenged. The standards here are honest and professional, and that makes a big difference when your employer is constantly teaching you to better yourself and your career."

- Jennie A., Collector


"I love working at North American Recovery! Working for NAR has been one of the best work experiences I've ever had. Everyone here is friendly and professional; they really care about what they do each day and take pride in their work. The company is truly amazing!"

- Julie S., Data Entry Specialist


"Working for NAR has been one of the most challenging AND rewarding experiences I have ever had. This company is extremely people and client oriented, which brings out the best in NAR's employees. The managers encourage everyone to rise to the difficult task at hand and to emerge as better people, employees, and members of society. This is a great company!"

- Cydnee J., Clerical Supervisor


"Since the day I started at NAR, I have been treated not only like my job was important, but like I was important as well. The respect I get as an employee and the positive atmosphere created by Dave Saxton, the owner of the company, and our management team helps motivate me to do the very best I can in every aspect of my job. I have never worked for a company where people cared so much, not only about me, but about the work we doand I've even worked for myself!"

- Wes L., Legal Action Coordinator


"I have been in the collection industry for 13 years, and North American Recovery is the best company I have worked for. Since joining the team, I have been impressed with the hard work and dedication by each member of our staff. We each work hard every day to ensure the best possible service to our clients."

- Tracey N., Client Service Representative


"I had never done collections before, and I admit I was hesitant to take the job. However, I am glad that I did! I love working here, and I love the challenge that this job provides. It is a wonderful company, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it."

- Crystal L., Collector Trainer/Supervisor


"I think a strong point NAR and the management team has always had is the ability to hire and retain good, honest, hardworking people. I think the employees say a lot about a company, and I respect everyone who works here at NAR. It's a true reflection of upper management and its outlook for NAR as a whole company."

- Raquel C., Administrative Assistant


"Our collectors are absolutely awesome. We broke a company record last month because of how good our collectors are. I spend a large portion of each day reading their notes, and it's really cool to see how well they do their jobs and how they verify all of the necessary information."

- Bryce P., Legal Action Supervisor/Compliance Officer


"I love working here, and it's great to work with such thoughtful people."

- Heather T., Client Service Representative


"We do an awesome job at being proactive with our clients, with everything, whether it is calling back when we say we will or sending reports on a unique basis. I don't think there's an agency out there that has better customer service than NAR!"

- Chris C., Sales Representative


"Working at NAR has opened my eyes to how an agency should be run. I have been extremely impressed with comments from employees in all departments regarding how Dave takes care of us. Client service and support are what NAR thrives to excel at in every aspect of the business. It is a pleasure to be involved with an agency that cares so much about clients, employees, consumers, and everyone NAR works with."

- Darcy R., Sales Representative


"Debt collections can be an interesting itinerary for career-minded individuals. Every organization within the industry has different software, procedures and policies, with one goal in mind: collect. I have seen large banks fail and utility companies succeed as an in-house, first-party collection agent. These organizations have succeeded or failed, in part, because of their collections departments. North American Recovery has a different perspective and strategy when it comes to collections: a perspective that is straight forward, honest and fair. I can say that with integrity. Collection agents at North American Recovery have been given training, tools, materials, and daily guidance to collect on every account we encounter, regardless of the circumstance. Our agents have an answer for every consumer we speak to; this allows us to cure their indebtedness to our clients. The success we experience as an organization could not be accomplished without the creativity and ingenuity of our President and CEO, David J. Saxton, the creator of our collections model." 

- Pat B., Collector


"One thing I really appreciate about everyone in our department is their attitude. Everyone is willing to help out in any way that they can. Our company is always making changes to improve our process, and change can sometimes affect employees in a negative way, but I never see any problems in our department. If someone had a negative attitude towards new tasks that I give them, it would affect their productivity in our company. It's just something I notice about our work environment that I'm grateful for." 

- Theresa A., Lead Data Entry Agent


"No matter how difficult a situation becomes, I can always count on Justin’s help and guidance to resolve the issue professionally and with tact. I take great comfort in knowing I have a very knowledgeable supervisor who is equipped to handle any situation. " 

- Patrick B., Collector


"One of my favorite aspects of NAR is you always know where you stand. It's an incredibly honest organization, and that's not something that can be said of many corporate cultures. I also appreciate that we have excellent resources for learning and development. I think the fact that we have such terrific leadership at NAR is what makes this such a great place to work."

- Sarah R., Collector


"I am really lucky to be out visiting clients and seeing their excitement. Each employee has a personal goal he or she strives for every day of doing the best possible job for our clients. Many of our clients are so excited when we collect on an account that they believe is uncollectable. I am so proud to work with all of my co-workers!"

- Samantha B., Client Service Representative


"I'm glad to be working at a GREAT company where my supervisor, and everyone in management, helps me be a better collector and person. I have learned so much, and I'm thankful for everyone's support and help!"

- Karley C., Collector


"Thank you for always recognizing the work I do. The compliments I receive always make me strive to work harder and always provide the best work I can for my co-workers, supervisors, and especially the clients. I feel like, if you're always trying your best, you will always have good results. I'm very grateful to be working for a company that is always striving to make me a better worker, and best of all, always recognizing me for it."

- Karley C., Collector


"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into to not only making your business run, but how much hard work and effort you put in to ensuring that, as an employer, it’s an amazing place to work. I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, and she was telling me how much she hated her job but is stuck there until she finds something better. I asked what she didn’t like about it, and one of the first things she said was the way management treats their employees.  There have been numerous complaints and suggestions to fix and resolve things, but nothing’s changed. Just last week, the owner of the company sent an email that said: I’m sick of the complaints.  It is what it is.  That’s how things are, and how they are going to stay. If you’re unhappy, you can leave.  I was completely shocked any boss/manager would take that approach.  It made me that much more grateful to work for North American Recovery, where the owner, our managers, and all of the co-workers truly care about making this a positive environment and an all-around good place to work.  I really do appreciate it"

- Madison L. Collector


"I wanted to express how much our Collection Department Trainer, Steve, has helped me over the last month!! He has been sitting with me, and it has helped me a ton. He keeps me motivated by letting me know the things I am doing right. If I ever have any question or concern, he makes sure to do whatever he can to get it resolved or answered.  He is always there to help me boost my numbers. Everyone here at NAR is very helpful. We are so fortunate to have such an awesome collector trainer, as well as a great collector supervisor, Justin.  I am very happy to be a part of the company!"

- Christina S. Collector


I’ve never been so proud to be part of such an amazing company.  I just wanted to point out that I don’t use the statement “I work for…” but “I am part of…”. Why? Very simple, I can work for any organization but I can only be part of a company that makes me feel welcome, that cares about me, that provides me of all the necessary  tools and support I need to develop an outstanding job. I can only be part of a company I believe is my own, therefore I give my best to see it grow.

- Kimberly M., Client Service Representative