Management Controls and Supervision

As explained in our standard procedures, daily and weekly internal reviews of NORTH AMERICAN RECOVERY's activity will take place on several levels:

  • Daily reviews of collector activity
  • Daily reviews of compliance assurance issues
  • Daily reviews of broken promise follow-up
  • Daily quality control management meetings
  • Daily collection meeting with collectors with less than 6 months of tenure
  • Weekly collection unit meetings (all appropriate personnel)
  • Daily overall collection performance reviews
  • Daily review of client service logs
  • Daily review of routine consumer correspondence handling
  • Weekly review of litigation procedures/results
  • Monthly review of account disposition categories
  • Paid in full
  • Compromises/settlements
  • PPA maintenance and follow-up
  • Recalled accounts processing

Finally, on a daily basis, we will randomly select and submit accounts for extensive auditing. We check these accounts for balance discrepancies and we verify them against our acknowledgment reports. We also check these accounts for collector activity. They are also evaluated for the effectiveness and frequency of follow-up schedules.

NORTH AMERICAN RECOVERY's commitment to quality is ingrained in every employee from the moment they are hired. Receivables management is a "service" business, and our job is to serve our clients. Our commitment is to the success and strength of your department and your organization. While our staff may be NORTH AMERICAN RECOVERY employees, they know that they work for you.