The "Sales" Process

We do not have a traditional "sales" process. We have found that clients do not like the way most collection agencies approach sales. Therefore, instead of hearing some canned sales pitch, when we initiate contact with a prospective client, they encounter what we describe as a "client service meeting before the sale." It is because we do not expect, or require, our clients to conform to our policies and procedures. We are going to work with a prospective client and their staff to develop what they feel is the ideal agency relationship. By gaining a clear understanding of exactly what a client is looking for in an agency and how they measure an agency's success, only then can we truly design a customized recovery program that will exceed anything they have experienced in the past. 

While we will not bog you down with the "traditional" sales process, we do have an extremely detailed "getting to know you" period before we actually start working for you. How does this work? Well, if you choose to employ our services, our Quality Control Team will work closely with you to identify not just your needs and requirements but how you want the service relationship to function before we receive your first placement. Once we understand your needs and requirements, we will start with our collection floor and continue through our company all the way to our mailroom, and provide specific training to educate our staff and managers as to the nuances of how your management team wants us to handle every aspect of collecting your accounts.

Since our entire focus is on the needs of our individual clients, we have developed the system we use to update and/or modify our company policies and procedures with this in mind. What does this mean for you? Well, when we determine your specific needs, we can quickly add to, or modify, our existing policies so that we are ready to handle your accounts as you prefer before you start assigning them.

Our internal document management and training program is browser based. We did this on purpose so that the next generation of employees coming into the workforce will already be familiar with the interface. Every one of our procedures, policies, reference manuals, and company documents is stored in this system. When an employee needs to find something, they simply do a "Google" type search, and the document they need is right at their fingertips. On the back end, it is easy for management to update documents at any time. When we need to make a change, we simply log in under our secure username and password, spend an hour updating a document, and publish it. After publishing the changes, we send an e-mail regarding the changes made in the document to every employee. It could not be easier. Once we have updated our policies to accommodate your specific needs, only then will we start working on your accounts.

Since our collection supervisors have been closely involved in the process of understanding your needs before you assign an account, they are ready to support the collectors once your accounts hit our collection floor. They will closely monitor our collectors and provide personalized one-on-one training regarding your accounts. We have designed part of their monitoring to ensure we are thoroughly working on every account the way you want it worked. We perform this monitoring on a daily basis, but it's much more than just listening to their collection calls; we audit and provide training on their skip tracing calls to neighbors and relatives as well. This comprehensive training—on all aspects of their work—allows them to truly become experts on your accounts and provide you with the best possible recovery results. We could keep going and cover every department and process, but this is just an introduction. We will discuss each department in depth later in this brochure.