Disaster Recovery & Business Resumption

At North American Recovery, we recognize that there is a big difference between a backup plan and a recovery plan. Our recovery plan includes more than disaster recovery. We also have procedures in place for common data loss, such as an employee mistakenly deleting the wrong file or a missing email string. Our disaster-recovery preparedness ensures that we will be able to resume activities within seventy-two hours of a natural disaster disrupting our normal operations. Our goal is to have at least 75% of our staff operational within this period. At a minimum, they will be doing the following functions:

  • Sending out letters and statements
  • Making telephone calls to consumers
  • Posting payments

All switch and router settings, passwords, and device baseline information are stored off-site. All servers, firewalls, and routers are upgraded on a regular basis.

Our disaster security measures reflect the realities of the geographic location of our corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The location of our office eliminates any concerns from forest fires, landslides, mudslides, tornadoes, or shoreline impact hurricanes.

The Computer Manager, Inc. supports our software during regular business hours. They access our system through a secure Internet connection to handle any software problems or programming needs. Asierus Carefree Technologies supports our server hardware twenty-four hours a day and guarantees a 4-hour response time.