Account Processing

Prior to sending the first FDCPA-approved notice or making any attempts to call a consumer, our Client Services staff will check all new accounts for data input accuracy.

Within twenty-four hours, we will do the following:

  1. Our Data Entry Department will enter the account into our system.
  2. We will compare the account to our existing database, looking for possible duplication.
  3. We will mail a first collection notice.
  4. We will set a follow-up date for the next business day.
  5. The follow-up date will automatically schedule one of our collectors to call the account.

Additionally, North American Recovery DOES NOT score your accounts. While other agencies utilize a scoring system to select which accounts deserve their attention, we put every account through our thorough and complete collection process. This ensures the highest recovery rate for YOU!

We are very proud of our skiptracing capabilities for a number of reasons. If needed, our collectors can utilize our skiptracing tools and techniques to find the following information:

  • The actual address and owner for each phone number supplied to us by the client
  • Telephone numbers and owner associated with each address
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers for neighbors
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers for "surname" matches by region

North American Recovery utilizes a best-practices process-of-elimination method for skip tracing. Accounts pass through several stages of account scrubbing from various sources in an attempt to gather pertinent current information. Additionally, we utilize Experian's trigger product, which allows us to place a "trigger" on an account so that when certain types of credit activity occur, North American Recovery will receive notification. This notification will alert us to contact the consumer to collect funds when he or she applies for other types of credit.

All collectors' queues are menu driven. The parameters and work standards for all accounts are developed prior to your first placement. Our management team will work with your management and staff during the start-up sessions to fine-tune our collection strategies specifically for your accounts.

Your accounts will then be assigned a series of priority codes that will control each collector's queue. Our account prioritization usually includes:

  • Broken promises
  • Broken payment plan schedules
  • New placements
  • Located skips

We want to emphasize again that North American Recovery DOES NOT utilize any scoring system on your accounts. We focus on working every account; we do not discriminate. This has allowed us to provide a much higher recovery rate over the years. In addition, since our recovery rate has historically been more than double the national average, we believe that our methods speak for themselves.

We will place new accounts into our predictive dialer on the first workday. We will schedule a follow-up according to the specific strategy developed for your accounts—this includes letters and phone calls. As circumstances dictate, our collectors will utilize their expert skiptracing skills to locate skipped consumers.