Professionalism and Respect

At North American Recovery, "professionalism" is not an empty sales slogan. We learned long ago that we do not collect more money by making an enemy of the consumer. While we are very assertive, we treat each individual with the respect and dignity they deserve. This firm, professional approach has proved to produce the best overall results. And when we couple our collection techniques with the fact that we record all collection calls-and the consumers know this-we virtually eliminate complaints (which create poor public relations and increase your work load) while still increasing recoveries.

Here is an example that illustrates this philosophy. The owner of our company, Dave Saxton, was collecting a $35,000 account for a client. Because the consumer had neglected to pay the account, he was about to lose his home. Dave was in constant contact with this individual, and while he was professional and respectful, he did not let the consumer "off the hook," so to speak. Dave remained firm and helped the consumer discover an alternative solution he was not even aware existed. This resulted in the consumer paying the account in full. About two weeks later, we received the following "greeting" card in the mail:

This card proves that an agency can be respectful of a consumer but still be firm (and professional) and that this combination provides the best results without complaints.