Our Process

You may notice a distinct difference in the way North American Recovery provides solutions compared with other collection agencies. We are not different just for the sake of being different. By blazing our own trail, we collect more money, and our clients are happier. Click on any of the links on the left side of this page to see how we do it.  You'll discover these small differences—in every area of our company—combine to provide a recovery solution that is far superior.

We also have some real-world examples in the case studies and performance analyses listed below. We regularly provide double, triple, and even quadruple returns when compared to national averages.

This short video explains why our results are so much better:


If you're not receiving returns like this, we need to talk.  

Call our office at 801-364-0777 option 6 or send an email to Contact@North-American-Recovery.com. Let us show you what our program will mean to you.