Collection Software Program

Our software package is called Debt$Net, which is written and supported by The Computer Manager, located in Poulsbo, Washington. More than 400 collection agencies and credit grantors across the United States and Canada use Debt$Net. Our customized Debt$Net program is wholly owned by North American Recovery.

Our specialized version of Debt$Net has a WebAccess feature that allows our clients to log on to a secure server and view information about their accounts. This online access allows clients to view and print statistical performance reports, view account information, report payments, and assign accounts with North American Recovery. Additionally, it is a great tool for auditing because clients can perform remote audits at their leisure from the comfort of their office.

Debt$Net software is one of the most flexible and easily customizable software systems in the industry. The software provides our collectors and clients with current and complete information while permitting management to consistently monitor and review productivity, including "real-time" monitoring.

Our system allows us to schedule automated follow-up reminders, create customized collector work lists, standardized collection letters, online notes, payment histories, online credit bureau access, online skiptrace information, remote client notes, enhanced management review tools, and many other features, such as:

  • Automatic multi-account tying
  • Customizable pre-collect programs
  • Unlimited user-defined windows for client-specific data
  • Unlimited customized management reports
  • 1200 unique collection letters
  • Automated callback scheduling
  • Account inquiry by name, client account number, address, phone number, or social security number
  • And much more!

Debt$Net allows North American Recovery to monitor the collection activity by the time of day, to generate an assortment of reports, to track legal activity, caseload distribution, and to sort and prioritize account queues. These features allow NAR management to review and intervene on a variety of accounts and processes when neccesary.

We have on-demand capability to obtain various types of information and generate custom reports that meet our client's specific needs. For example, if you were to request a report on all accounts assigned within a certain time frame that have not made payments, we could print a filtered list which includes those particular accounts.

Our system enables NAR management to set system parameters and "special circumstances" for each client on how their accounts will be worked. It establishes how we will handle and work on specific accounts.

The controls and flexibility of our collection software and the seamless interface between Debt$Net and our predictive dialer maximize our ability to create and maintain a customized billing and collection package designed to meet your specific ongoing needs and requirements.

We have tailored our system to meet the ongoing challenge of collecting accounts at any stage of delinquency through these difficult economic times and to provide our clients with the ever-tightening controls needed to thrive in a volatile credit economy.